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Thumbs up GB House Rules to Live (and Post) By + Titles/Ranks

All policies contained within this post (which may change from time to time) govern the way our "family" is to conduct themselves as part of this "house". As with any home, all freedoms granted are based on common ground and peace-keeping. By being a member of, and using, this board, you agree to all guidelines set forth below.

If there are any questions, additions or clarifications needed regarding this post, please send me an email or private message.

What is Your GB Family Member’s Pledge?

When individuals subscribe and become eligible to post on GatheringBasket.com, they agree to abide by the following pledge:

As a Member of the GatheringBasket.com Family, I will:

1. Share comments about issues, and not engage in personal attacks, threats, racist remarks, vulgarity, online bullying or commercial spam.

2. Keep my comments within the bounds of fair play and civility. (I can disagree with others in a courteous manner, without being disagreeable about it.)

3. Express my own opinions but keep an open mind to find value in what others have to say.

4. Uphold the forum’s standards by encouraging others to raise the level of discourse, and by alerting the house mother of postings that violate this pledge.

5. Realize that publicly debasing, bashing, attacking or bad-mouthing any companies represented by individuals who use this forum will not be tolerated.

6. Post in a manner appropriate for gaining positive reinforcement, problem solving and achievement. This includes discussion of problematic issues with diplomacy and constructive criticism, not overt negativity, belligerence and obvious distaste for the company involved.
All members should strive to support and promote any company they work for, or with, for the betterment of themselves, other board members, potential customers, possible recruits and the well-being of that company.

Posts undermining this pledge and these policies will be removed - OR - replaced with the part of these policies that is being violated. This includes posts "seeming" to be positive or "pretending" to be looking for answers, when they are, in fact, veiled attempts at disguising negative rhetoric. While it is completely understandable that there will be bumps in the road, issues that are difficult, misunderstandings, problems that arise... all threads should aim toward moving forward with guidance and support from your GB sales support team and family. This includes posts that are a round-about way of knocking down other members, current company leaders, policies, procedures, products, etc. We will not dwell on what could be or what might have been, but rather what we can do with what resources are currently available. Nothing is a "one-size-fits-all", but as a family, our goal should be upholding the here and now - not miring in the gone and yesterday.

Your Freedom of Speech on GB

1. Free speech here is enabled as America’s founders intended, by giving everybody a forum for discussing public issues.

2. Encourage people to get involved in their online community in a meaningful manner, while displaying civility:

.... Because our forum members believe that its members can disagree about issues without being disagreeable with one another --- and that name-calling, bullying and character assassination undermine the intelligent discussion of issues.

.... Because a few hateful people shouldn’t be allowed to spoil what is intended as a safe forum where people can discuss the issues that are important to them without opening themselves to vicious personal attacks and threats - OR - constantly hearing their company being berated and cut-down.

.... Because free speech shouldn’t give people a right to yell “fire” in a crowded theater, to shout down or intimidate those who disagree, or to go beyond the bounds of fair play and decency.

Sales, Images, Signatures and Website Links

All Sales posts should be made in the correct forum. Current-line or pre-sale items can only be posted for distribution on the forums designated for fellow consultants and may not be offered to the general public or non-consultant family members.

Images used for avatars, signatures and other areas where uploads are permissible may not contain lewd, vulgar, inappropriate or otherwise distasteful materials.

Signature lines can not contain website links, large images or font.

You may use the Website field (located under the Profile tab in the User Control Panel/Profile area) to enter ONE (1) link to your DSA ONLY (no personal or non-DSA websites), following the rules of your particular DSA. You may not promote yourself or others in any other way, unless in response to a genuine inquiry.

How are complaints handled?

As family members of GB, we pledge to keep our comments civil and within the bounds of fair play. We believe that people can vigorously disagree about issues without engaging in personal attacks, name-calling, profanity, threats or intimidation.

When members see a posting that violates the forum standards, they may send a complaint to Josi, citing the specific posting, date, time, topic and forum area.

If the posting indeed violates the forum standards, it will be edited/replaced with a copy of these guidelines or possibly removed. Notice may or may not be given for these actions. Repeat offenders are subject to removal from the house (without refund) or, if necessary, legal action.

NOTE: Sometimes people complain simply because they don’t agree with somebody else’s opinion. In those cases, they might instead want to post their own comments in the forum to express their disagreement --- and perhaps enlighten other citizens by doing so. That’s precisely what forums are intended to do!

Can a member be expelled from the house?

If, following a complaint, it is determined that a member has repeatedly violated the Member’s Pledge, that member will be "grounded" without posting privileges for a period no less than one year. No refunds will be given for this period of time as House Rules are agreed to at the time of registration, including any amendments to those rules during membership.

After one year, the individual can apply for re-admission, but a repeat offense will sadly be cause for permanent expulsion or, if necessary, legal action.

This action is not taken lightly, but it is believed the cohesion of a functioning family unit should not be diminished by a few bad apples.

Baskets Earned for Posts Made













Titles Earned for Posts Made

0 Board Bottom
10 Basket Splint
50 Home Show
100 Tie-On
250 Protector
500 Liner
750 Wrought Iron
1,000 Pottery
2,500 Booking Basket
5,000 Tour Basket
7,500 Hostess Basket
10,000 Signed Basket
20,000 Ultimate Basket Collection
30,000 Basket Expert

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